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West Tennessee Conference Championships
12:00 PM12:00

West Tennessee Conference Championships

  • Christian Brothers High School (map)
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Who is going to take home the conference title? ($5 entry at the gate)

12:00 Believe Memphis Academy vs Belle Forrest Community School (elementary)

12:40 PCA vs. FPA

1:00 Germantown Girls vs. FPA Girls

1:20 Germantown Boys vs. White Station

Break 1

2:00 Germantown Girls vs. Soulsville Girls

2:20 PCA vs. Germantown Boys

2:40 White Station vs. FPA

3:00 FPA Girls vs. Soulsville

Break 2

Girls Awards

3:40 Germantown Boys vs. FPA

4:00 PCA vs. White Station

Break 3

4:40 Consolation

5:00 Championship

5:30 Boys awards

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