Battle of Memphis 7s Tournament
8:00am 8:00am

Battle of Memphis 7s Tournament

The Battle of Memphis 7s Tournament is hosted by West TN Youth Rugby. **All Match Times are Subject to Change!**

  • Freedom Prep Girls vs PCA Girls 10:00AM (Field 2)
  • PCA Boys vs Soulsville Boys 10:20AM (Field 2)
  • Ravenwood Boys 'A' Vs Freedom Prep Boys 10:40AM (Field 2)
  • PCA Boys vs White Station 'B' 11:00AM (Field 1)
  • Ravenwood Girls vs Soulsville Girls 11:00AM (Field 2)
  • Freedom Prep Boys Vs Germantown 11:20AM (Field 2)
  • Columbia Girls vs PCA Girls 12:00 (Field 2)
  • PCA Boys vs Ravenwood 'B' 12:20PM (Field 1)
  • Gladiators vs Soulsville Girls 12:20PM (Field 2)
  • Freedom Prep Girls vs Germantown Girls 12:40PM (Field 1)
  • Soulsville Boys vs White Station 'B' 12:40PM (Field 2)
  • Soulsville Boys vs Ravenwood 'B' 1:20PM (Field 1)
  • Soulsville Girls vs Germantown 'B' 1:40PM (Field 1)
  • Freedom Prep Boys vs White Station 'A' 1:40PM (Field 2)
  • PCA Girls vs Germantown 'A' 2:00PM (Field 1) 
  • FPA Girls vs Columbia 2:20PM (Field 1) 
  • Boys Semi Finals 3:00PM (Field 1)
  • Girls Semi Finals 3:40PM (Field 1)
  • Boys Quarterfinal 4:00PM (Field 1)
  • Girls Quarterfinal 4:40PM (Field 1)
  • Boys Championship 5:00PM (Field 1)
  • Girls Championship 5:20PM (Field 1) 
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West TN Round Robin 7s
5:30pm 5:30pm

West TN Round Robin 7s

 Tournament Schedule (Subject to Change)

6:00 G'Town Girls VS PCA Girls

6:20 Freedom Prep VS White Station

6:40 Germantown VS PCA Boys

7:00 Germantown VS FPA/PCA Girls

7:20 PCA JV Boys VS Whitestation

7:40 G'Town Boys Freedom Prep Boys

8:00 PCA Boys Vs White Station

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